Skye Perry and Lucas Lee each have their reasons for sneaking in through the back door of the Pinwheel Plant Shop to attend a macramé class. 

Since her divorce, Skye goes nowhere without her dog, Rooster, and he’s technically not allowed in the shop. Lucas (a.k.a. Lee Stone), well, he’s a famous rock star lying low in Braverton until his stalker goes on trial in California.

When Lucas’ therapist suggests he enroll in a crafty class to take his mind off his trauma, he waits until the last minute and is stuck taking macramé (whatever that is) in the suburbs. Lucas expects his classmates to be women of a certain age. Instead, he’s pleasantly surprised to find himself tying knots with a cute dog trainer who has no idea who rocker Lee Stone is.

Skye would be perfectly fine hanging out in her studio apartment with Rooster or spending all her time at Girl’s Best Friend—her dog adoption center specifically geared toward female clientele. But her mom thought it was time she met some new humans and gave her a gift card to the Pinwheel for Christmas, so Skye signed up for a class. After Rooster falls asleep under Lucas’ chair, Skye considers that maybe she was meant to meet just this one special human.

Falling hard and fast for one another, Lucas and Skye throw caution to the wind and go on a date in public even though they’re risking the wrong people discovering where Lucas is. 

When the inevitable happens, can the dog trainer and the rock star untangle themselves from their pasts to be together, or will they leave each other hanging?