Ten years ago, Maryann, the quirky owner of the Secondhand Rose Vintage Thrift Shop, called off her wedding to the proprietor of the Burrito Barn, Luis.

Back then, she didn’t think marriage was for her—her family had zero successful examples of what a good marriage looked like—and at thirty-eight she thought she was too set in her ways to be someone’s wife, even if Luis was her soulmate.

Now that Maryann is pushing fifty, she has a lot of regret about not marrying Luis. She still loves him, but knows he has every right to never speak to her again.

Yet, when the Burrito Barn burns to the ground and he not-so-subtly parks his temporary taco truck in front of her shop, Maryann questions if the spark she feels between them could ignite their second chance at love.

If anyone could make what was old new again, it’s her.