February Sale – The Sweetheart Plant

Get The Sweetheart Plant: A Sweet Fat Girl Romance for only 99 cents during the month of February!

When Pinwheel Plant Shop delivery driver, Amos Finch, who is hard of hearing, accidentally mixes up the cards on two Valentine’s Day deliveries, he ends up giving wannabe ASL interpreter Petra Dylan a heartleaf philodendron from a secret admirer who isn’t admiring her.

Which Amos thinks is a shame, because Petra is just the kind of woman he admires.

Petra, whose “for now” job is at the Secondhand Rose vintage thrift shop, has noticed cute deaf guy Amos around Old Town before and much to her surprise, he’s noticed her too. As a fat woman, Petra is used to being the recipient of more disgusted glares than interested glances.

The two spend Valentine’s Day together, delivering plants and food, strolling through residential Old Town Braverton, visiting friends, and talking, talking, talking. 

Things take a turn when the conversation veers toward being viewed as other by society, something Amos and Petra have both experienced, but in different ways, and they find for the first time that day they can’t agree.

Can what began as their weirdest and most wonderful Valentine’s Day be salvaged despite them using their mouths to offend when they could be kissing?

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