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Frankie is honored when the Tyler Creek Park and Recreation District ask her to run the Christmas at the Caverns holiday market. As the owner of the Snowdrift Christmas Shop in downtown Tyler Creek, Christmas is her business and her life.

Unfortunately, the “enchanted” caverns where the holiday market is held are proving to be cursed instead. Two weeks into December and the Santas keep quitting on her. Whether it be illness, a minor accident, or a scheduling mishap, Frankie can’t keep a single holly-jolly behind in Santa’s sleigh.

When Frankie’s friend and fellow shop owner, Liv, suggests her brother Luca for the Santa position, Frankie questions Liv’s intentions. Luca hates Christmas and everyone in Tyler Creek knows it. In fact, despite going on three wonderful dates, Frankie and Luca decided they could never work because of his distaste for her absolute favorite thing.

Yet, when Luca survives and apparently enjoys his first time playing Santa, Frankie wonders if she and Luca might get a second chance at love – her Christmas wish come true.

After beating breast cancer at thirty-three, single mother Darcie Cambridge wants to live life to its fullest – starting with renovating an old shoe store into Tyler Creek’s first community theatre.

Her best friend, Monica, is all in, footing the bill for the renovation and securing the contractor, Jack Schimmel.

Darcie and Monica have made a pact to quit men and live the rest of their lives as platonic soulmates, but then Darcie has a real difficult time not staring at Jack when he talks about plumbing and dry wall. The man’s eyelashes are downright distracting.

Jack has spent the last few years parenting his teenage daughter, Augusta, alone. He prides himself on being a good dad and always doing what’s in Augusta’s best interest. But when Darcie opens up to him about how lonely her life has been fighting cancer on her own, Jack knows not only does he want to help Darcie out with the theatre, but he wants to spend all of his time with her.

Until the unthinkable happens, and Darcie and Jack have to decide if they can handle things better together or apart.

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