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My great aunt left me these vacation cottages when she passed. I was going to sell them, but now I think they might be my saving grace. They’re all the way across the country in a small town called Tyler Creek and I haven’t laid eyes on them since I was a kid, but what else am I going to do now that I’ve lost the only job I’ve ever had? Stay in my hometown living the same-old, same-old life?

Nah. My best friend Maryann won’t let me. She’s already created an epic playlist for my road trip and given me orders to have a magical middle-aged adventure. Bonus points if I can kick-start my non-existent love life with the handsome cowboy who lives next door.

The car’s packed and I’m ready to head out. Cross your fingers this adventure won’t be a disaster, because my heart and my bank account can’t take another hit.

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