Attending her first wedding since getting sober isn’t what Pinwheel Plant Shop employee, Beatrix McCall, is nervous about. No, she’s got more pressing issues. It’s two days before Christmas and she doesn’t have the money to cover her January rent. Bea needs a roommate, like, yesterday.

Lewis Tryon, assistant craft brewer for Mojo Pizza and Brewery, has been sleeping on his mentor’s couch. He says it’s to be closer to work, but really, he can’t spend another second living with his manipulative ex-girlfriend. As the new year nears, he’s desperate to get out of Arthur’s den, and into a more permanent living situation.

When serendipity (a.k.a. Layla) intervenes, Bea and Lewis think all their problems are solved. So what if she’s in recovery and he brews beer for a living? They’re roommates, not lovers. With a few simple rules, they can make it work.

Okay, except for the roommates, not lovers thing. And, like, rules one and two. They’re solid on rule three. Wait, what was rule three, again?

Will Bea and Lewis’ burning love for one another be enough to withstand the trouble brewing in their hearts, or will their differences complicate what could’ve been?