His Leading Man

I’m part of the new Love At First Kiss world, one of twelve authors who wrote a story set at a New England college and feature a first kiss.

My contribution is His Leading Man: A M/M Interracial “Love At First Kiss” College Romance. Check out the cover and blurb below!


I live to perform and thrive under the centerstage spotlight. That is, I did, until I met Adam and all my swagger went to hell. I thought playing a gay man in my friend’s student film would be just another role and my rep as a ladies’ man would hold steady. But when Adam’s lips touched mine, all the confusion I’d been running from for years bubbled up to the surface. We connected… on every level.


Dax drew me to him the instant we met, and I hate him for it. After my last fiasco of a relationship, I swore off bisexual men forever. Yes, including one-night stands. But that first on-screen kiss started me dreaming of a life with Dax off-screen. I don’t know if my heart can take another betrayal but the rest of me is prepared to take the risk.

His Leading Man comes out on October 13th and is up for pre-order. LAFK books make their debut starting August 4th. Each book is only 99 cents/available to read through KU.

Flip the Field by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle 
Business major Amerie doesn’t fit in with her classmates. It’s hard when you’re a famous senator’s daughter and everyone thinks they know you. But when she shares a kiss with Brady, the mysterious new guy on the football team, she’s never felt more wanted.

Mind Over Splatter by Danika Bloom 
When science major Abbie enlists art student Matt as her research subject, the way her brain lights up when he kisses her during an experiment is a data point she wasn’t prepared for.

Change of Heart by Suzana Thompson 
After an injury leaves Riley with no personal memories, all she wants is some semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, her interactions with Asher are anything but normal. For starters, he keeps accusing her of faking her amnesia. And yet, despite their animosity, there’s a spark between them that can’t be denied.

Winning Her Love by Alexa Stone 
When sorority girl Natalie shares a scorching hot kiss with hockey star Logan on the dance floor, she can’t believe it. They have history, and it’s one they’d both like to forget. The real question is do they also have a future?  

Million Dollar Smile by Becky Brandt 
All his life, Devon has gotten everything he’s ever wanted, but now, all his money can’t buy the one thing he wants most: farm girl Skye. Until one scorching kiss changes everything.

Changing the Game by Laura M. Baird
Reformed nerd Cooper has loved spoiled society girl Lidia since they were kids. But now that they’re in college, he’s finally ready to do something about it. Will one kiss change the game?

A Thousand Words by Rebecca Norinne
When cash-strapped rugby player Jordan signs up for a “stranger photo shoot” to earn money to fix his car, he never expects his partner to be Emmy, the gorgeous girl he’s been secretly crushing on for weeks. And when the photographer directs them to kiss, he knows Emmy feels it, too.

His Little Secret by Aubree Valentine
When senior English major Keegan lands a coveted TA position, he’s thrilled. But then sophomore Brooke slides into his office, ratcheting up the temperature and sending all of his blood south. But this isn’t just lust. Because when he’s with Brooke, it feels a lot like love. And when they kiss, he knows it’s the real deal. 

One More Kiss by Tara September 
When English major April kisses her mortal enemy, under the stars, she can’t believe how right it feels. Hot track star Chase is just another player, and she’s not willing to be part of his games. But that second kiss just might change her mind. 

Securing Callie’s Kiss by Susan Saxx
Antiquities major Emerson has a plan, and it doesn’t include falling for Callie, the bold, headstrong girl majoring in ancient languages. But when one of her class projects turns dangerous, he’s the only one who can help her. And when they kiss, he knows she’s as much a part of his life as the job that’s waiting for him after graduation.

His Leading Man by Stacey Wallace 
When theater student Dax stars opposite Adam in a student film, he never expects the lines to blur between reality and make believe. But when the script calls for them to kiss, suddenly the confusion he’s been running from his whole life begins to make perfect sense. 

An Elemental Attraction by D. D. Larsen 
When volleyball player Chandler is paired with arrogant frat boy Ben on a chemistry project, their animosity threatens to derail her plans. But the more time they spend together, the more she realizes he isn’t who she thought he was. And when they kiss, she doesn’t know what to think. 

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