I’ll Be His for Christmas is out now!

Not much has changed in Draper Falls since Rosalie left.

Well, there is that new stop sign by the train tracks.

And Nate got hot. Like, really hot.

After her fourteen-year marriage ends, Rosalie Dunn returns to her hometown of Draper Falls, WA, under the guise of visiting for Thanksgiving.

When she runs into her childhood friend, Nate Bantham, outside Martin’s Grocery, he invites her to catch up at his nearby veterinary office.

Hanging out with Nate is just what Rosalie needs to go from hopeless to hopeful about coming home. He offers her the support and comfort of an old friendship, and even a job as his office manager.

Working side-by-side is only a teensy bit challenging. What with Nate looking how he looks and flirting how he flirts, Rosalie finds herself wondering if despite their past, do they have a future together?

I‘ll Be His for Christmas is available now at most ebook retailers.

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