Haunted by events during his recent deployment to Afghanistan, Tom Franklin arrives home in Braverton eager to see his big sister Layla and to figure out where he belongs in the regular world after five years in the Army. 

Sydney Mills, Army brat and owner of Braveheart Yoga, longs to create community and a calming environment far removed from her chaotic and transient upbringing. 

Which would be a heck of a lot easier if Sydney’s receptionist hadn’t stolen from her, making her question her instincts. The next person Sydney hires needs vetting, and although she hates to admit it, to her there’s no one more trustworthy than a soldier.

After bumping into one another at the Pinwheel Plant Shop, Sydney offers Tom a job and a chance to ease himself back into civilian life. Although Tom doesn’t need work, he needs to be around someone who understands the nuances of a military man.

At least that’s what Tom tells himself. Taking the job has nothing to do with his attraction to his new boss. No matter what his sister says.

As the two grow closer, Tom lets Sydney glimpse him in his darkest moments. She fears she isn’t enough to open him up to the light and calls in reinforcements, which drives Tom to retreat into himself.

Can Tom and Sydney find their way back to each other or will Tom’s need to go it alone ruin what could have been?