Visit the small town of Cataluma, CA where the Strawberry Festival is the event of the year and the business owners in the downtown shopping district are friendly, knowledgeable, and surprisingly, all single.

The Shopping for Love in Cataluma shared world contains stories ranging from sweet to steamy. Look for the heat level indicator on the book cover and in the subtitle. The books can be read as standalones, by preferred heat level and subject, or in any order the reader chooses.

Second chances aren’t guaranteed…

Motorcycle enthusiast, Mickey Diaz, loves the small town of Cataluma, CA where she grew up and now owns a successful tattoo shop. At twenty-eight, she hasn’t found “The One” yet, and isn’t sure she ever will, but she has plenty of non-romantic relationships that are fulfilling.


Besides, the only guy she ever loved was all wrong for her and broke her heart when they were seventeen. Mickey knows better than to go down that road again.

Former golden boy turned hopeful hippie, Angus Ward, returns to his hometown of Cataluma, with a new name and the determination to make his vegan bakery a hit in the heart of cattle country.

He may have changed his first name to Sequoia, but what hasn’t changed is his need to prove himself to his rancher dad, and his desire to have a second chance with the one that got away, Mickey Diaz.

Will these two find a way to work through their past so they can build a future together?

Nora’s life is striking a dissonant chord since her recent divorce, but a new melody calls her to Cataluma, California, to help her uncle Jock’s struggling music store. There, fate reunites her with Jock’s stepson Eugene, whom she hasn’t seen in twenty-five years, since she was a gangly fifteen-year-old trying in vain to get twenty-year-old Eugene to notice her.

Well, he’s noticing her now, and Nora’s rediscovering old feelings she can’t ignore.

As they work together to keep the store’s rhythm flowing, their relationship grows, but they must face several sharp notes along the way, including Jock’s health problems and the store’s financial woes.

In this heartwarming tale of love, family, and second chances, Nora and Eugene prove that sometimes you can hit the right note and find happiness, even when the odds are against you.

If you like a story of friendship, love, and second chances in the second half of life, this one may be for you.

Dixie won’t let anyone or anything derail her from finally pursuing her lifelong dream of a career in natural medicine. Just one last blast of freedom on a motorcycle road trip before she returns to LA to follow her passion.

Then, in Cataluma, the final small town on her vacation, she runs into Skyler, a big gentle guy with a sweet smile and haunted past, and her heart spins out of control like a speeding bike on gravel.

While she is smitten and her caring instincts have shifted into gear, her logical brain tells her she should peel out of town at full throttle.

Everything’s exactly the way Skyler likes it in quiet, cozy Cataluma. Just him, Einstein the dog, his secret knitting design persona and running his yarn store. But when Dixie, the willowy wildflower with the
backbone of steel roars into town, his safe and solitary world starts to unwind like a ball of yarn amongst a litter of kittens.

Though they come from vastly different worlds, their instant chemistry is impossible to ignore and Skyler is torn between maintaining his predictable life or unravelling everything he’s put in place to protect his heart.

Long before her father’s death, Concha vowed to stay fiercely loyal to her hometown and family, taking over her father’s motorcycle mechanic shop while all but sacrificing her dream career in publishing. She loves books, planning for the day she can take over her mentor’s bookstore. Just when Concha thought she had a handle on life in her small town of Cataluma things take an unexpected turn.

When famous author Jonathan, seeking refuge from his fast-paced life of success and glamor, takes over the bookstore, things are complicated by Concha’s secret life as a well-regarded book critic. He never planned to put down roots in this backwoods town, but when he sets his eyes on Concha, everything changes. Sparks fly and their connection grows while together they explore the pages of books they both love as they renovate the old bookstore, fish the Rio Luminita, and play at the Annual Strawberry Festival.

Will their secrets tear them apart, or will their shared love of books be powerful enough to bridge the gap between their two different worlds? Concha is forced to make an impossible choice—will she forsake her loyalty to her hometown, or lose the man she’s come to love?

Find out in this heartwarming contemporary romance novella that puts a new spin on the old tale, City Mouse, Country Mouse.

Kendra Barker’s a long way from her Canadian home. Her road trip has landed her and her 1983 Harley in Cataluma, California, but she only plans to stay long enough to rest, maybe make a few dollars, and enjoy the Strawberry Festival. As a bonus, the one place she finds to stay is an empty apartment with a super sexy landlord.

Javier Fernandez has been cruising through life on autopilot. His marijuana shop is doing well. His mother is, for the most part, under control and managing her job as mayor of his beloved Cataluma. Now, he just needs to get this pesky Canadian woman out of his head. He gave her a place to sleep, and he very much wants to be in her bed, but come the end of the weekend, she’ll be moving on. Javier doesn’t do one-nighters and he doesn’t want to deal with a broken heart. Long-distance, and cross-borders is a recipe for disaster, right?

High on Love is a 40k word small-town interracial romance novella with a tattooed heroine, a stoic hero, and the love affair that’ll change their lives forever.


I’ve tracked down my wayward sister to Cataluma, California, and my goal is to drag her back to Canada before she gets in trouble with the American authorities. The problem? She’s gone and fallen in love with some dude and refuses to come home. I need to stick around to talk some sense into her, but there’s only one damned inn in this podunk town and they insist they’re full. I can’t get the handsome innkeeper to make an exception, not even for the few days I’ll need to get Kendra safely headed back across the border.


I love my job as the owner of the quaint Cataluma Inn. I also pride myself in being a peacemaker. When I find squawking siblings arguing about a good friend of mine at our traditional barbecue, I have to step in. Next thing I know, I’m offering to share my one-bedroom apartment with a very attractive Canadian. Oh, and he’s gay too…

Love Without Reservations is a 40k word small-town gay interracial romance novella with a grumpy Canadian entrepreneur, a sunshine American motorcycle rider, and the love they never saw coming.