Shopping for Love in Cataluma

Visit the small town of Cataluma, CA where the Strawberry Festival is the event of the year and the business owners in the downtown shopping district are friendly, knowledgeable, and surprisingly, all single.

The Shopping for Love in Cataluma shared world contains stories ranging from sweet to steamy. Look for the heat level indicator on the book cover and in the subtitle. The books can be read as standalones, by preferred heat level and subject, or in any order the reader chooses.


Second chances aren’t guaranteed…

Motorcycle enthusiast, Mickey Diaz, loves the small town of Cataluma, CA where she grew up and now owns a successful tattoo shop. At twenty-eight, she hasn’t found “The One” yet, and isn’t sure she ever will, but she has plenty of non-romantic relationships that are fulfilling.


Besides, the only guy she ever loved was all wrong for her and broke her heart when they were seventeen. Mickey knows better than to go down that road again.

Former golden boy turned hopeful hippie, Angus Ward, returns to his hometown of Cataluma, with a new name and the determination to make his vegan bakery a hit in the heart of cattle country.

He may have changed his first name to Sequoia, but what hasn’t changed is his need to prove himself to his rancher dad, and his desire to have a second chance with the one that got away, Mickey Diaz.

Will these two find a way to work through their past so they can build a future together?

**Inking the Deal is one story set in the Shopping for Love in Cataluma World**

Other titles include:
Something of Note by Jeanine Lauren (Sweet Cataluma)
Entangled in Love by Katrina Litwin (Sweet Cataluma)
High on Love by Gabbi Powell (Steamy Cataluma)
Book, Line, & Tinker by MaryAnn Clarke (Steamy Cataluma)
Love Without Reservations by Gabbi Grey (Steamy Cataluma)

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