Surprise! A new Roxie series!

You may notice a new series in the navigation menu – Draper Falls Christmas Romance. Here’s the story:

Counting Down to Christmas was originally titled I’ll Be His for Christmas and authored under my mid-heat pen name, Stacey Wallace.

I changed the title in 2023 and added a bit more spice to make it more in line with my Stacey Wallace brand. Then I set out to write books 2 and 3 of the Draper Falls Christmas Romance trilogy.

Except, I never could seem to write those books.

Because, you see, they’re Roxie Clarke books. Sweet. Small Town. Later in life characters.

So, I’ve taken all the added spice out and then some. 

Counting Down to Christmas contains some mild language – replacement swear words, mostly. You will see words like gosh, darn, and heck.

In addition, there are a couple instances of tame sexual innuendo, and the characters do drink alcohol. They’re in wine country, after all.

If you’re all good with those things, then I hope you’ll enjoy your time in Draper Falls. I believe these books are a welcome addition to Roxieland.

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