Jamie Ward, part-time employee extraordinaire, is living the low-key single life when his boss at the Pinwheel Plant Shop asks him to attend her wedding with a plus one, her friend, greenhouse owner and mother-to-be, Meghan Day.

Growing up parented by two moms has made Jamie empathetic to the female plight and if there is anyone who would be comfortable going on a date with a pregnant woman, it’s him. What he’s not comfortable with is how much he enjoys Meghan’s company and the time he spends with her leading up to the wedding.

Meghan is positive it’s hormones that are making her so attracted to Jamie. What other explanation could there be for the way she feels whenever she’s around him? Sure, they both love plants and board games and burritos, but that’s nothing to get all worked up about.

None of their indecision matters when two things happen- Meghan doesn’t feel well and calls Jamie to take her to the hospital and her ex, the baby’s father Caleb, comes slinking back. A casual period of getting to know one another suddenly becomes a question of how committed Jamie and Meghan are to each other.

Will Jamie and Meghan fight for a future neither of them knew they wanted or give in to the forces keeping them apart?