After beating breast cancer at thirty-three, I want to live the rest of my life to its fullest – starting with renovating the vacant Quinn’s Shoes building into Tyler Creek’s first community theater.

My best friend, Monica, is all in. She’ll foot the bill for the renovation because she’s loaded and loves me, and secure the contractor, Jack Schimmel, who’s a single parent just like me.

Although my bestie and I have made a pact to quit men and live the rest of our lives as platonic soulmates, I’m having a real difficult time not staring at Jack when he talks about plumbing and dry wall. The man’s eyelashes are downright distracting.


I’ve spent the last few years parenting my teenage daughter, Augusta, alone. I pride myself on being a good dad and always doing what’s in Augusta’s best interest. But when Darcie opens up to me about how lonely her life has been fighting cancer on her own, I know not only do I want to help Darcie out with the theater, but I want to spend all of my time with her.

Until the unthinkable happens, and we have to decide if we can handle things better together or apart.


Hunter and I were a duet both on and off stage at Tyler Creek high school until he left me broken-hearted to follow his Broadway dreams.
Fifteen years later, I’ve made peace with my decision to stay behind in our hometown. I’ve become a drama teacher and am building a business with my best friend, Darcie.
However, when Hunter returns to star in a benefit production for the local community theater and Darcie casts me as his love interest, our hearts are once again singing love songs.
But Hunter and I have been here before multiple times over the years and he always, always chooses his acting career over building a life with me in Tyler Creek.

It’s going to take a whole lot of convincing and groveling from him to make me believe he’s here to stay.


I’m honored when the Tyler Creek Park and Recreation District ask me to run the Christmas at the Caverns holiday market. As the owner of the Snowdrift Christmas Shop in downtown Tyler Creek, Christmas is my business and my life.

Unfortunately, the “enchanted” caverns where the holiday market is held are proving to be cursed instead. Two weeks into December and the Santas keep quitting on me. Whether it be illness, a minor accident, or a scheduling mishap, I can’t keep a single holly-jolly behind in Santa’s sleigh.

When my friend and fellow shop owner, Liv, suggests her brother Luca for the Santa position, I have to question Liv’s intentions. Luca hates Christmas and everyone in Tyler Creek knows it. In fact, despite going on three wonderful dates, Luca and I decided we could never work because of his distaste for my absolute favorite thing.

Yet, when he survives and apparently enjoys his first time playing Santa, I begin to wonder if Luca and I might get a second chance at love. It would be my Christmas wish come true.


My great aunt left me these vacation cottages when she passed. I was going to sell them, but now I think they might be my saving grace. They’re all the way across the country in a small town called Tyler Creek and I haven’t laid eyes on them since I was a kid, but what else am I going to do now that I’ve lost the only job I’ve ever had? Stay in my hometown living the same-old, same-old life?

Nah. My best friend Maryann won’t let me. She’s already created an epic playlist for my road trip and given me orders to have a magical middle-aged adventure. Bonus points if I can kickstart my non-existent love life with the handsome cowboy who lives next door.

The car’s packed and I’m ready to head out. Cross your fingers this adventure won’t be a disaster, because my heart and my bank account can’t take another hit.